Research on the Long Viking Age is being undertaken with the help and advice of a number of individuals and institutions. The primary collaborators on the project are:

Steve Ashby, University of York: PI

Dries Tys, Vrije Universiteit Brussels: Co-I

Alison Leonard, University of York: PDRA

Pieterjan Deckers, Vrije Universiteit Brussels: Consultant, MEDEA project

Andres Dobat, Aarhus University: Consultant, DIME project

Stijn Heeren, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam: Consultant, PAN project

Nelleke IJssennagger, Friesmuseum; Rijksuniversiteit Groningen: Consultant, Friesland material

Michael Lewis, Portable Antiquities Scheme, British Museum: Consultant, PAS

Anne Pedersen, Danish National Museum: Consultant, Danefae

This project is made possible thanks to generous funding from the University of York.


Image: Three pseudo-nummular brooches of probable Carolingian origin found by metal detectorists in Jutland, Denmark. With kind permission of the Sydvestjyske Museer.